Fundamentals of Agency Law

“Hello there, my name is James … James Bond and I am … well … a Realtor”. In the Greater Vancouver area there have been an abundance of famous real estate Agents at any given time, at least famous by name that is. In addition to James Bond and, of course, my own last name (‘ Frascati’ is one of the famous wines of Italy as well as the seventh hill of Rome ), we have had Agents the caliber of Omar Sharif, Vera Cruz, Charlie F. Brown and one Giuseppe Mussolini ( you could spot him on the street because he wore invariably a black shirt and had that certain martial … how should I say … goose step …). Not to mention Yuri Gagarin ( no relation to the astronaut ), Carl Marx, Richard (Dick) Nixon and – yes – Douglas MacArthur ( tough guy to deal with … ) with his newly-found pal John Yamamoto, to name some more. And, faithful to the oriental tradition that characterizes this neck of the woods, we have been sporting at various times a Ding Dong, a King Woo Kong as well as a Sing T. Sing, a Wu Win-chi Wu ( who used the initials WWW ) and two Ho Chi Minh’s. The longest name I have ever come across is Guillermo Oreporemotichovea ( but his friends called him ‘Cy’ … no wonder ) and the most memorable slogan ever adopted, to my knowledge, by a Realtor belongs to an Agent by the name of Bob Bye ( now defunct, possibly of starvation … ) who used to post ads on the paper the likes of ” List with Bob Bye – The Guy with the Tie “. Yet, despite the variety of names and walks of life, all Agents – especially in real estate – must abide to the axioms of the Law of Agency when it comes to fulfilling their professional mandates.

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Collection Agency Laws That Benefit You

Did you know that there are collection agency laws? There are! It’s unfortunate that there is a need for these laws, but we are very lucky that they were created to protect us. These laws are called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. These are a godsend to people routinely harassed by a bill collector. I will give you a quick overview to give you a basic idea of what your rights are.

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Questions Answered About Collection Agency Laws

Even though the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was put into place in order to protect consumers from bill collectors who would bend the law, many don’t understand exactly what their rights are. Here are some of the most common questions about collection agency laws, and the answers.

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